– a great place to play

Here on we really like to give you some of the best sites for playing chess online for free. It is great to have this opportunity to meet some of the strongest players on the net and this service to be free of charge.

This is why, now with great pleasure I am writing this review for one of the oldest and best sites for playing chess online - - a direct path to a free internet chess server.

If you like playing chess online you would know what FICS is about. For those of you, I suppose not many, who have no idea what we are talking about I will simply tell you this number – 300 000. This is the number of registered players on this site.

By joining in this community you will be able to find opponents among not fewer than 300 000 enthusiastic chess players. Is there any better place to play chess? As far as I know, there isn’t.

So, what will give you? On this site you will be able to play chess online against other people or if you like against strong chess engines. You can play slow chess games like the professionals usually do or you can play blitz games as most of the people on the net.

Besides just playing chess online, you can improve your game by using “improve your game” services on The greatest one is that you can ask for a grandmaster’s reviewing some of your games. This is the easiest way to improve you game rapidly. The mistakes you made and the good moves will be pointed out with clear explanation from some of the best chess players in the world. What more can a real chess player and a fan ask for?

You can also ask for reviews of games from other players which you find interesting or unclear. The grandmaster will show you the game from inside.

Besides just playing games is also a great place to watch chess online. Many major tournaments are covered on the site with some grandmasters as live commentators. They will do their best to reveal the secret of the best chess games. have thought about ordinary chess players too. On this site you can play in many free tournaments which are scheduled twice or three times every week. These tournaments are also part of’s year’s ranking.

So, with an opportunity to play online with 300 000 chess players, watch many major tournaments and visit a real place to improve your chess online, is one of the best places to play chess on the internet. It is guaranteed.

Play chess online at

Here on I would like to introduce you another good chess online site where you can play and learn chess and also you can find many friends from the chess world. This site is and of course it is in Russian.

However, this is not a problem at all because everything related to chess on this site is really cool. So, to the main point. What does this site offer for playing chess online?

First of all, it gives us a window to a whole new chess world. We all know that the Russians are probably the most chess onlinechess-oriented nation on Earth. With you can play with more than 3000 players every single second. Playing chess online on this site simply requires downloading their platform and installing it on your computer.

One more thing. On this site playing chess online is a paid service, but the prices are really reasonable. It is 400 roubles per year, which is nothing, considering the service you are going to get.

Besides the opportunity you have on to play chess online with so many players all the time, you can have fun with many more chess options.

For example, on this chess site you will find one of the greatest collections of chess puzzles. You can try to solve a random one or a puzzle which is determined from your chess puzzle’s rating.

Another great feature on this chess server is the opportunity to learn chess online from many grand masters. Most of the chess courses are paid, but some of them are completely free which gives a great chance to learn from the best. These courses cover every single part of a chess game – from opening and middle game to endgames. Everything is arranged so that the player can gain the maximum from these courses.

So, with few words – is a great site to play chess online. A place where you can learn from the best and most important – a site where you will find many chess loving friends.

Sharing the analyses – the latest in chess online

When you make a good game of chess it is a pleasure to share with the opposite partner the analyses, thoughts and plans you had during the game. Thus both of you will improve your skills and become better chess players. This can be easily achieved while playing real-time chess against a real partner on a real board. What happens when you play chess online?

In fact, despite the great number of advantages that online chess offers, not being able to shareonline chess your analyses after the game is one of the few disadvantages of playing the game on your computer.

However, this is no longer true. Just recently Chessbase – perhaps the biggest platform for playing online chess, released a new version of their chess online program which allows free sharing of analyses – not only the ones made by the programs themselves but also analyses made by the programs of your opponents.

This will definitely lead to the better understanding of chess by us all who love playing chess online and sharing our thoughts and arguments after the game.

Learn chess online with Youtube

The system for online video distribution – YouTube gives an opportunity for a quite good training in chess online. For one reason or another a lot of chess masters, including some of the best grand masters, often release video tutorials for chess, where they examine different aspects of the game.

You can easily find these online chess tutorials in YouTube where you just type chess, chess online or even chess lessons. You will be quite amazed at the number of video lessons there.

Frankly speaking, the wealth of analyses of chess games, lessons and explanations found in YouTube is more than a person can browse, read and realize.

Of course, in the beginning you may find some difficulties with making sense of so much information about chess online but I’m certain you will get used it sooner or later.

The existence of such an abundance of information about chess in YouTube and the easy online access to it once again prove what an amazing resource is the internet for chess and the opportunities for playing the game and analyzing it on the internet.

Here are some chess online videos.

Play in chess online tournaments

Do you want to participate in chess online tournaments every day? If the answers is yes, then check what chessbase, the biggest portal for chess online has to offer. There are daily chess online tournaments with different controls.

Everyone can join a tournament of a control 5+3 minutes, or super blitz tournaments for online chess which offer 3 minutes for ending a game. online chessThere are even faster chess competitions with a control of 1 minute for ending the whole game.

Every day these chess online tournaments draw hundred of chess players in chessbase and they are usually played according to the Swiss system in 9 or 12 rounds.

If the control for ending a chess game is 5+3 then the whole online chess tournament will take you about 2 and a half hours. For the faster versions of the game it would take you only an hour.

The problem of playing chess online in chessbase is that all such tournaments are paid and you will have to pay a certain monthly fee in order to take the most of the opportunities for playing chess in the internet offered by chessbase.

Play online chess in chessbase

Chessbase is probably the biggest platform for chess online and the place which is much bigger than a common platform for chess online. In chessbase you can find at any time more than 2000 chess players with whom you can play a game of chess online. The games that are usually played online are the blitz games of five minutes and some of the most popular are the fast games of 1 minute for every participant to end the game.

There are even better options for chess online in which in order to end a game the chess player has no time, even a second, and the only thing he can count on is the increase added for each of his moves. It sounds fast, right? A chess online game with a time control 0+3, for example, is really extreme.

In chessbase, every day you can take part in a number of chess tournaments where according to the Swiss system hundreds of chess players at different levels can participate.
online chess
What makes chessbase really worth using, apart from the fact that it is a chess community where thousands of chess players play every day, is the live broadcasts of big and not so chess tournaments. Quite often the games of the greatest players are broadcast online accompanied with a commentary by a famous grandmaster, which makes the whole thing even more interesting.

The only problem of chessbase, if it could be considered a problem, is the fact that almost all of the functions of the website are paid, which limits the number of people who sometimes just don’t want to pay in order to play chess online.

Play chess online with grandmasters

If you enjoy playing chess online then you will be definitely interested in this great opportunity offered by a lot of websites for correspondence chess online. How about playing correspondence chess with some of the greatest grand masters nowadays? It sounds fantastic, right?

How is this possible? As a whole it’s fairly easy. You just need to register in such a website for correspondence chess and then play a few chess online games in order to build up your rating. online chessWhen you are ready just check who of the elite grand masters is invited to participate in a demonstration game and sign in.

The way the moves are made in the beginning may seem a bit strange but this is an online game where millions of chess players participate and there hasn’t been a better system developed yet. So here is how the moves are made.

It’s quite simple. Every participant in the game suggests a move. The move with the most suggestions from the participants is made on the virtual board. The grand master ponders over the situation and makes his move and so on and so forth until there is a winner.

Of course, quite often in these chess online battles the grand masters are the ones who win but this shouldn’t discourage us, right?

Know everything about chess with Susan Polgar

The spread of internet and the boom of online chess contributed a lot for the development of the game all over the world. It’s not only that by a few clicks you can play chess online with millions of people globally but you can also find online hundreds of sites containing analyses of the game, training and tutorials suitable for anyone and who wants to better their chess skills. Apart from that, you can find online dozens of news websites dedicated to chess and its development.

Perhaps the best place for chess online, you can find on the net, is Susan Polgar’s blog where she and her team publish more than 20 news posts related to chess and the world of chess. online chessA number of interesting chess tasks and compositions are published daily and are later analyzed by the blog’s chess community.

Susan Polgar’s blog offers regular news about chess as well as interesting stories from famous players’ lives, interviews and what is probably most important – she gives an opportunity for the least accomplished players to show their skills thus helping for the development of their career.

In this chess online blog you can also find online broadcasts of chess matches from big tournaments. The battles between great champions are broadcast online enhanced by the extra computer analyzer which helps the not so experienced chess players to understand what’s happening on the chess board.

All of this and much more about chess you can find on Susan Polgar’s blog which makes it a must for everyone who wants to be connected with their favourite game via internet and a valuable resource for the development of every chess player.


The beauty of online chess

Can you imagine the feeling to play chess with Garry Kasparov? I think it would be difficult to imagine such a thing until it finally happens, but the problem is that the chances for you to play with him are almost equal to zero unless you are some of his closest friends or a chess prodigy with the idea to meet him in a tournament. Of course, if he returns to professional chess. The chances for you to meet one of the conditions above are also too small and probably you are not rich enough just to pay him for a game of chess and the dream to play chess with Garry Kasparov will remain just a fantasy.

This used to be true 15 years ago, but today in the time when everybody plays chess online it is absolutely possible toonline chess play with Kasparov in some of the sites for chess online. This is possible not only for the greatest chess player of all times, but almost for any elite chess master in the world.

There is even a story about a young Bulgarian chess player who got lucky to play chess online with Kasparov and even to beat him in a blitz game. Having in mind the well known resentment of Kasparov at blitz chess the story about him and the Bulgarian amateur who beat him in a chess online game is not much plausible.

However, what is more important is that today everybody can play chess online and sooner or later he or she can play with some of the best players in the world.

It happened to me. Some years ago I suddenly started a game with a female champion of Georgia and I even won. The feeling was great. I shared the story with my friends. I wanted to play more and more chess online and this was only because I could play with such a strong player. But leave the chess elite players alone.

The ability to play chess online with everybody is what is important here, not just the elite masters. A few years ago you could play only with your friends and may be with some players in your chess club. Today you just plug in your computer and you can choose among millions of players.

This is the beauty of playing chess online.

Playing chess online at

Playing chess online is a real pleasure mostly because you can play with many different people from different countries at a different level of playing chess. On the internet a player can play whatever kind of chess he or she wants. It can be blitz chess for a minute or two for finishing the whole game; it can be normal chess game for 5 or 6 hours per game. It can also be a correspondence chess online game which is played for not less than a month.

With the rising of the internet, the chess as a game has become among the most popular and played games in the world. This chess online revolution hasn’t passed the correspondence chess and today in the net you will see that there are hundreds of chess sites where we all can freely play correspondence chess online. online chessMany of these sites have more than 20 000 users and every day they play thousands of chess games. This is an enormous chess online community, created and supported by the fact that now chess can be played online.

What offers one of the biggest online chess sites – It is a site only for correspondence chess with community of more than 30 000 users. This is a really unique place to play chess online. For bigger pleasure of chess, in you will find many different types of chess games, tournaments, leagues and team matches.
You can play correspondence chess with your friends, you can also play in the special gameknot tournaments, and you can even play in the special Gameknot league. Actually you can play wherever you want. For me, personally, the tournaments are most interesting. They are open for all with the only one restriction – the better players cannot participate in the sections with weaker players. Players with a small rating can play with everyone on every section of the tournament.

Team games in are also a source of great chess pleasure, especially the national team ones. It is kind of great to know that you represent your country even in an amateur correspondence online chess. Of course, there are many teams where the players are gathered on a different principle than the national one.

In you can also play chess online in the so called League. In this tournament the goal is to go higher through different divisions. The more wins you get, the higher and higher you will go.

Except the pure online chess offers many more other benefits such as chess puzzles, chess game analysis and live online chess.

All of this can be played freely, but if you want to get more from you can pay a monthly fee for full access. Paid or free is one of the best places to play chess  online both real and correspondence games.