– a great place to play

Here on we really like to give you some of the best sites for playing chess online for free. It is great to have this opportunity to meet some of the strongest players on the net and this service to be free of charge.

This is why, now with great pleasure I am writing this review for one of the oldest and best sites for playing chess online - - a direct path to a free internet chess server.

If you like playing chess online you would know what FICS is about. For those of you, I suppose not many, who have no idea what we are talking about I will simply tell you this number – 300 000. This is the number of registered players on this site.

By joining in this community you will be able to find opponents among not fewer than 300 000 enthusiastic chess players. Is there any better place to play chess? As far as I know, there isn’t.

So, what will give you? On this site you will be able to play chess online against other people or if you like against strong chess engines. You can play slow chess games like the professionals usually do or you can play blitz games as most of the people on the net.

Besides just playing chess online, you can improve your game by using “improve your game” services on The greatest one is that you can ask for a grandmaster’s reviewing some of your games. This is the easiest way to improve you game rapidly. The mistakes you made and the good moves will be pointed out with clear explanation from some of the best chess players in the world. What more can a real chess player and a fan ask for?

You can also ask for reviews of games from other players which you find interesting or unclear. The grandmaster will show you the game from inside.

Besides just playing games is also a great place to watch chess online. Many major tournaments are covered on the site with some grandmasters as live commentators. They will do their best to reveal the secret of the best chess games. have thought about ordinary chess players too. On this site you can play in many free tournaments which are scheduled twice or three times every week. These tournaments are also part of’s year’s ranking.

So, with an opportunity to play online with 300 000 chess players, watch many major tournaments and visit a real place to improve your chess online, is one of the best places to play chess on the internet. It is guaranteed.

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