Know everything about chess with Susan Polgar

The spread of internet and the boom of online chess contributed a lot for the development of the game all over the world. It’s not only that by a few clicks you can play chess online with millions of people globally but you can also find online hundreds of sites containing analyses of the game, training and tutorials suitable for anyone and who wants to better their chess skills. Apart from that, you can find online dozens of news websites dedicated to chess and its development.

Perhaps the best place for chess online, you can find on the net, is Susan Polgar’s blog where she and her team publish more than 20 news posts related to chess and the world of chess. online chessA number of interesting chess tasks and compositions are published daily and are later analyzed by the blog’s chess community.

Susan Polgar’s blog offers regular news about chess as well as interesting stories from famous players’ lives, interviews and what is probably most important – she gives an opportunity for the least accomplished players to show their skills thus helping for the development of their career.

In this chess online blog you can also find online broadcasts of chess matches from big tournaments. The battles between great champions are broadcast online enhanced by the extra computer analyzer which helps the not so experienced chess players to understand what’s happening on the chess board.

All of this and much more about chess you can find on Susan Polgar’s blog which makes it a must for everyone who wants to be connected with their favourite game via internet and a valuable resource for the development of every chess player.


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