Play chess online with grandmasters

If you enjoy playing chess online then you will be definitely interested in this great opportunity offered by a lot of websites for correspondence chess online. How about playing correspondence chess with some of the greatest grand masters nowadays? It sounds fantastic, right?

How is this possible? As a whole it’s fairly easy. You just need to register in such a website for correspondence chess and then play a few chess online games in order to build up your rating. online chessWhen you are ready just check who of the elite grand masters is invited to participate in a demonstration game and sign in.

The way the moves are made in the beginning may seem a bit strange but this is an online game where millions of chess players participate and there hasn’t been a better system developed yet. So here is how the moves are made.

It’s quite simple. Every participant in the game suggests a move. The move with the most suggestions from the participants is made on the virtual board. The grand master ponders over the situation and makes his move and so on and so forth until there is a winner.

Of course, quite often in these chess online battles the grand masters are the ones who win but this shouldn’t discourage us, right?

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