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Playing chess online is a real pleasure mostly because you can play with many different people from different countries at a different level of playing chess. On the internet a player can play whatever kind of chess he or she wants. It can be blitz chess for a minute or two for finishing the whole game; it can be normal chess game for 5 or 6 hours per game. It can also be a correspondence chess online game which is played for not less than a month.

With the rising of the internet, the chess as a game has become among the most popular and played games in the world. This chess online revolution hasn’t passed the correspondence chess and today in the net you will see that there are hundreds of chess sites where we all can freely play correspondence chess online. online chessMany of these sites have more than 20 000 users and every day they play thousands of chess games. This is an enormous chess online community, created and supported by the fact that now chess can be played online.

What offers one of the biggest online chess sites – It is a site only for correspondence chess with community of more than 30 000 users. This is a really unique place to play chess online. For bigger pleasure of chess, in you will find many different types of chess games, tournaments, leagues and team matches.
You can play correspondence chess with your friends, you can also play in the special gameknot tournaments, and you can even play in the special Gameknot league. Actually you can play wherever you want. For me, personally, the tournaments are most interesting. They are open for all with the only one restriction – the better players cannot participate in the sections with weaker players. Players with a small rating can play with everyone on every section of the tournament.

Team games in are also a source of great chess pleasure, especially the national team ones. It is kind of great to know that you represent your country even in an amateur correspondence online chess. Of course, there are many teams where the players are gathered on a different principle than the national one.

In you can also play chess online in the so called League. In this tournament the goal is to go higher through different divisions. The more wins you get, the higher and higher you will go.

Except the pure online chess offers many more other benefits such as chess puzzles, chess game analysis and live online chess.

All of this can be played freely, but if you want to get more from you can pay a monthly fee for full access. Paid or free is one of the best places to play chess  online both real and correspondence games.

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