Sharing the analyses – the latest in chess online

When you make a good game of chess it is a pleasure to share with the opposite partner the analyses, thoughts and plans you had during the game. Thus both of you will improve your skills and become better chess players. This can be easily achieved while playing real-time chess against a real partner on a real board. What happens when you play chess online?

In fact, despite the great number of advantages that online chess offers, not being able to shareonline chess your analyses after the game is one of the few disadvantages of playing the game on your computer.

However, this is no longer true. Just recently Chessbase – perhaps the biggest platform for playing online chess, released a new version of their chess online program which allows free sharing of analyses – not only the ones made by the programs themselves but also analyses made by the programs of your opponents.

This will definitely lead to the better understanding of chess by us all who love playing chess online and sharing our thoughts and arguments after the game.

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