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Here on I would like to introduce you another good chess online site where you can play and learn chess and also you can find many friends from the chess world. This site is and of course it is in Russian.

However, this is not a problem at all because everything related to chess on this site is really cool. So, to the main point. What does this site offer for playing chess online?

First of all, it gives us a window to a whole new chess world. We all know that the Russians are probably the most chess onlinechess-oriented nation on Earth. With you can play with more than 3000 players every single second. Playing chess online on this site simply requires downloading their platform and installing it on your computer.

One more thing. On this site playing chess online is a paid service, but the prices are really reasonable. It is 400 roubles per year, which is nothing, considering the service you are going to get.

Besides the opportunity you have on to play chess online with so many players all the time, you can have fun with many more chess options.

For example, on this chess site you will find one of the greatest collections of chess puzzles. You can try to solve a random one or a puzzle which is determined from your chess puzzle’s rating.

Another great feature on this chess server is the opportunity to learn chess online from many grand masters. Most of the chess courses are paid, but some of them are completely free which gives a great chance to learn from the best. These courses cover every single part of a chess game – from opening and middle game to endgames. Everything is arranged so that the player can gain the maximum from these courses.

So, with few words – is a great site to play chess online. A place where you can learn from the best and most important – a site where you will find many chess loving friends.

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