The beauty of online chess

Can you imagine the feeling to play chess with Garry Kasparov? I think it would be difficult to imagine such a thing until it finally happens, but the problem is that the chances for you to play with him are almost equal to zero unless you are some of his closest friends or a chess prodigy with the idea to meet him in a tournament. Of course, if he returns to professional chess. The chances for you to meet one of the conditions above are also too small and probably you are not rich enough just to pay him for a game of chess and the dream to play chess with Garry Kasparov will remain just a fantasy.

This used to be true 15 years ago, but today in the time when everybody plays chess online it is absolutely possible toonline chess play with Kasparov in some of the sites for chess online. This is possible not only for the greatest chess player of all times, but almost for any elite chess master in the world.

There is even a story about a young Bulgarian chess player who got lucky to play chess online with Kasparov and even to beat him in a blitz game. Having in mind the well known resentment of Kasparov at blitz chess the story about him and the Bulgarian amateur who beat him in a chess online game is not much plausible.

However, what is more important is that today everybody can play online chess and sooner or later he or she can play with some of the best players in the world.

It happened to me. Some years ago I suddenly started a game with a female champion of Georgia and I even won. The feeling was great. I shared the story with my friends. I wanted to play more and more chess and this was only because I could play with such a strong player. But leave the chess elite players alone.

The ability to play online chess with everybody is what is important here, not just the elite masters. A few years ago you could play only with your friends and may be with some players in your chess club. Today you just plug in your computer and you can choose among millions of players.

This is the beauty of playing online chess.

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