Play in chess online tournaments

Do you want to participate in chess online tournaments every day? If the answers is yes, then check what chessbase, the biggest portal for chess online has to offer. There are daily chess online tournaments with different controls.

Everyone can join a tournament of a control 5+3 minutes, or super blitz tournaments for online chess which offer 3 minutes for ending a game. online chessThere are even faster chess competitions with a control of 1 minute for ending the whole game.

Every day these chess online tournaments draw hundred of chess players in chessbase and they are usually played according to the Swiss system in 9 or 12 rounds.

If the control for ending a chess game is 5+3 then the whole online chess tournament will take you about 2 and a half hours. For the faster versions of the game it would take you only an hour.

The problem of playing chess online in chessbase is that all such tournaments are paid and you will have to pay a certain monthly fee in order to take the most of the opportunities for playing chess in the internet offered by chessbase.

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