Play online chess in chessbase

Chessbase is probably the biggest platform for chess online and the place which is much bigger than a common platform for chess online. In chessbase you can find at any time more than 2000 chess players with whom you can play a game of chess online. The games that are usually played online are the blitz games of five minutes and some of the most popular are the fast games of 1 minute for every participant to end the game.

There are even better options for chess online in which in order to end a game the chess player has no time, even a second, and the only thing he can count on is the increase added for each of his moves. It sounds fast, right? A chess online game with a time control 0+3, for example, is really extreme.

In chessbase, every day you can take part in a number of chess tournaments where according to the Swiss system hundreds of chess players at different levels can participate.
online chess
What makes chessbase really worth using, apart from the fact that it is a chess community where thousands of chess players play every day, is the live broadcasts of big and not so chess tournaments. Quite often the games of the greatest players are broadcast online accompanied with a commentary by a famous grandmaster, which makes the whole thing even more interesting.

The only problem of chessbase, if it could be considered a problem, is the fact that almost all of the functions of the website are paid, which limits the number of people who sometimes just don’t want to pay in order to play chess online.

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